Target continues to spearhead the future of retail by introducing smaller stores tailored to a younger, and more fashionable demographic. In an ever-changing industry, Target understands the importance of staying relevant even in the midst of success.

They realize that they have crafted a niche for themselves and they now want to mold that niche into something that could potentially change the retail industry as a whole.

Business Insider recently visited one of these new stores in New York City where they quickly noticed that the stores are definitely different than what we are all used to from Target.

These more modern outlets feature their in-house clothing lines like “Print All Over Me” and “A New Day” as well as their food brands first and out in the open, compared to keeping those brands in the shadows of the more prominent brand names in their usual stores. After the launch, Target seems ready to fully grasp the spotlight and direct the shine to wherever they want it to be instead of letting the spotlight move on its own to a competitor.

Not only are the products featured catered to a younger more “hip” demographic, but the store design will help usher their fresh vision in as well. The format of the store is smaller, creating a more intimate feel for the customer, allowing the major retail juggernaut to connect with their customers more efficiently. With that in mind and Target’s focus on the future in retail, there is still a feature that is lacking in their new vision.

As mentioned before, the reason for this new and fresh design for Target is to connect with a younger demographic who are also known to be the more tech-savvy generation. Now, most people understand when walking into Target to try and buy a tablet, phone, or computer there is usually a process involved.

That process entails these devices to be locked behind a glass screen out of touch, or attached to a docking station not allowing the customer the freedom to test out what the product is capable of doing. What if that changed?

Well, with PoSA (Point-of-Sale Activation) Target can truly take the reigns of the future of retail like their wanting to do. PoSA allows tablets, phones, and computers to be unattached and free from the glass prison, providing the customer with a better buying experience while still protecting the store itself from any theft. PoSA keeps the device locked until after the purchase with a unique one-time code located on the receipt. With a feature like PoSA included in their new stores, the future would be now for Target and the retail world..

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